Mr. Gino Davoli in 1936 signaled to the Chamber of Commerce the opening of a watchmaker’s shop in Via Paolo Sarpi, 62.

ROSSI OROLOGI was recognized in 2009 as the “Historical Workshop” of Milan

It was a small business that, on the back, had a valid laboratory in which repairs of pocket watches, cuckoo clocks and alarm clocks of all kinds were carried out.

In fact, the repair workshop was the main activity and the sale to the public was very limited, as the showcases in the window were used only to intrigue and attract passersby.

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Watchmaker Expert

Gino was an expert Rolex watchmaker and his wife Mentorina Pisa was a relative of important precious dealers whose name today is synonymous with elegance and prestige. For this reason, the shop has always dealt with important jewelery and watch brands.

The Rolex Brand

The transition to the current ROSSI OROLOGI management takes place in 1982, when Mr. Severino Rossi takes over the business, keeping the prestige high and continuing to negotiate, expanding it, the Rolex brand.

From generation to generation.

Stefano, the son, begins to help him and he too is captured by the passion of the world of watches until he takes over the reins of the company. The new management will keep the spirit of conduct of the past unchanged, but will architecturally transform the traditional shop into a welcoming lounge for its elite clientele.